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UMBRA is an innovative company providing a broad range of products and services to the Life and Health Science communities. The company has been developing its products and services for overĀ 10 years with an absolute focus onĀ Heath IT, Pharmaceuticals, Biologics and Medical Devices.
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UMBRA | Health

Transformative Health Solutions

UMBRA selected as one of Atlanta's Top Ten Innovators



Take Control of Your Health

Who do you tell if a drug is making you feel bad?

78 million side effects go unreported in the United States each year

Don't be one of them


There is an implant recall. Does it apply to you?


If you have been scheduled for surgery Sign-up Now!

If you have been scheduled for surgery sign-up now!


ReportMyDrug.com is a donation funded service that allows people to report drug side effects, drugs that work well and drugs that don't work at all. The purpose of ReportMyDrug.com is to give you the consumer a simple and effective way take control of the medications you are taking, understand how new prescriptions can affect your health and well being and to provide you with a platform to get help from your doctor, your pharmacist, from the manufacturer and even the FDA or other regulating agency.


U|Register is the first registry for managing your implants and securely storing vital information about them so that information is available at the click of a mouse or swipe of a finger. U|Register keeps information such as manufacturer, model number, lot number and a host of other information. Most of all it provides you peace of mind as you will be alerted in the event there is a product recall so you can contact your healthcare provider and get the information you need to make healthy and safe choices about your care.